MGR Card

Restaurants Holding MGR inform you that from January 2015 introduces a single discount program, mandatory for restaurants Bocconcino and the mill of its member ..

For owners of discount cards restaurants Bocconcino, La Casa Del Gaucho, Michaels, the mill, El Gaucho, cafes Uzbeks Villa - this means that all privileges granted to any old-style cards issued earlier canceled from January 2015.

The aim of uniting all existing programs into one, is to create a clear and transparent procedures for Loyalty Cards, update contact information, obtaining more reliable communication channels between the card holder and restaurants. For us it is very important to respond promptly to comments and suggestions, to learn the views of the holding company and the restaurants included in its composition. For this, the map will be posted on the website address at which filling out a short form, it will be possible to send any information directly to the first persons of the company.

A new map of the sample in 2014 is a debit card with a face value of 10 000 and a discount of 10%. For maps to make a deposit of 10 000 rubles, then you get a card for 10% discount and funds are made ​​as payment orders when visiting that restaurant, holding MGR, where this card was issued. For example, if the money were made to deposit Bocconcino pizzeria at Kutuzov Avenue Building 48, you can use the card to pay bills only Bocconcino pizzeria on Kutuzov, in other restaurants of the network, it will work as a discount. That is, to deposit the card 10 000 rub., You will be able to pay the bills in the amount of 11 000 rubles.

After all, the sum of goes off, this card will continue to act as a discount.

Discount on this map does not work on the menu section of the cigarette. Discount is not a plus and does not apply to certain shares held in the restaurant.

The action continues this card for a year since its activation (ie, of the deposit of 10 000 rubles.). To extend the use of the card, you need to re-fill up a deposit of 10,000 rubles. If, within one year from the date of activation of the deposit has not been used up all or part of the balance amount of the deposit or the nominal starter is not transferred to the next period of use of the card and automatically burns.

Please note that the discount and withdraw funds from the deposit can only be made upon presentation of the discount card to its owner. Make an offer on a surname and / or other contact information is technically impossible.

The action card does not apply to the delivery service restaurants.

In these conditions, a single discount card is available in restaurants and Bocconcino at the mill belonging to the holding MGR.

Just inside restaurants Bocconcino you can buy gift cards for your loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Maps are distributed in nominal value of 5000 and 10 000, as well as the nominal value of INFINITE unlimited.

With the conditions obtaining discount cards you can see in the restaurants and on the websites:,